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Cami Kamano

Cami Kamano

Account Manager (a.k.a. "Inpac's Client Experience Director")

What do you love the most about working at INPAC?

I love the message behind INPAC: We support financial health for generations of families in Hawaii, helping them pursue their dreams and goals.

I also love working with such a great team.

We all work hard together while encouraging each other to go after our Ohana’s dreams. INPAC feels it’s an important priority for our team to live their dreams just like our clients. We practice what we preach.

I worked for financial advisory firms for over 20 years, and I was ready to move on to something else, but when I found INPAC, I felt at home.

What would you be doing if you weren’t working for INPAC?

If I wasn't working at INPAC, I would be in an industry that would provide lasting positive impact on others. I enjoy working out, doing Yoga, and motivating the INPAC office to work-out, so I would probably be in the fitness industry.

 Or I would just be at home spending time with my fur babies.

What do you feel most grateful for in life?

I feel grateful for everything: to have the ability to work out, to have a home, and to be a part of a wonderful team that supports one another with the ultimate goal of spreading that to everyone on Hawaii.