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Dakota Tague

Dakota Tague

Plan Architect

What’s the Best Advice you have ever received?

“There is a lesson in every loss, and there is something to learn from every person you meet.”

My dad first told me that when I started high school, and he continued to remind me even after I graduated. It wasn’t only until later that I realized how applicable his quote was to everyday situations.

What I learned was that every situation, no matter what, has a positive takeaway. People focus so much on the good things they get when good things happen. But when bad things happen, they don’t realize that even greater things can be achieved if you make the conscious effort to learn from it.

Having a bad roommate taught me to be an even better roommate. Having a tough class taught me I can accomplish what I put my mind to.

There’s a lesson in every situation. 

I’m glad my dad was persistent in reminding me of his advice because that advice taught me persistence.


What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about life!

I try to make the most out of everyday.

Outside of work, I love being outside, exploring hikes around the islands, challenging myself, and learning how to fish and cook different things.

At INPAC, I’m glad I can share that passion with everyone else.

We love thinking outside of the box, exploring different paths for people’s dreams, challenging each other to do better, learning new things, and even cooking too.


What do you feel most grateful for in life?

While I’m grateful for many things, I would say that I am the most grateful for the people in my life.

My family, for example, has always been supportive.

When I studied at the University of Hawaii, they were in Oregon. And despite being 2,603 miles away, they were right next to me all along pushing me.

My friends also consistently push me to grow and better myself every day.

I feel blessed to be surrounded by such great people.