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Leo Vana

Leo Vana

Director of Brokerage & Service (a.k.a. "Inpac's Client Experience Director")

What do you feel most grateful for in life?

My family and friends.

From a young age, I didn't want anyone or anything to hold me back and moved to Mississippi for college.


While there, Hurricane Katrina hit; I realized family and friends are not anchors holding me down but vessels aiding in this journey called life. After graduating, I returned to Hawaii to be closer to my family. As for my friends, I’m grateful to have the Wednesday Night Crew”, making our rounds in Honolulu to support locally owned businesses (Plus the luxury or friends from high school and Mississippi that I am so fortunate to stay in touch with).

My absolute prize in this life is the gift of my daughter, Dylan.


What do you love most about being part of INPAC?

I love the team here at INPAC. Everyone is so supportive of each other both professionally and personally, from taking care of client matters to working out and spending weekends together. We’re truly a family.


What would you be doing if you weren’t working for INPAC?

Hm. If money weren’t an issue, then I'd be running a nonprofit no-kill animal shelter.

During my college years, I worked at The Animal Medical Center of Hattiesburg which had a no kill shelter attached. I adopted 2 of my dogs, Apollo and Titan through the shelter. Both moved home to Hawaii with me and lived to the ripe old age of 14.

There's definitely something in seeing animals find their "fur"ever home.

Loving them until they find a home is priceless.